The MaD NPO statute

The Make a Difference association was founded by a notarial deed on the 2nd July, 2008, by three members of a family: Debbie and Mariann Chilver and Luca Paloschi. The association, with the exclusive aim of social solidarity, aims to promote integral personal development in Italy and abroad, especially for those living in extreme poverty, ensuring their access to a formal education and adequate medical and health care, with the ultimate goal of encouraging the self-development of the people to improve their living conditions at all levels.

The Association recognizes in school and in education the tools necessary for a civil and democratic society which facilitate the integration of human beings into the society in which they live. MaD intends to promote a culture based on solidarity, social justice, cooperation between peoples, in Italy and abroad, particularly among the youngest, all the while respecting their cultural, religious, and environmental roots.

To achieve these sanctioned goals, the Association aims to:

1. Collaborate, directly and indirectly, in the foundation and development of educational facilities ranging from kindergarten to high school in the southern countries of the world, with particular reference to Kenya and other countries of Central Africa.
2. To promote national and international fundraising aimed to sustain the studies of particularly needy and deserving students, residents in developing countries of the world, Kenya in particular as well as other Central African countries.
3. Propose, manage and implement technical and cultural partnership programs through institutions and local grassroots groups, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations which can ensure that everyone, children and adults, have access to basic services and adequate education.
4. Promote the exchange of experience and working methods in the field of primary and secondary education and instruction, hosting students and teachers who come from the southern countries of the world in Italy and abroad, through scholarships and other forms of exchange.
5. Promote inter-cultural exchange, through a selection process, of international solidarity programs in Italy and abroad that train and employ volunteers.
6. Engage schools and young students in educational projects that contribute to the development and awareness of the real life problems and challenges of our time in Italy and abroad; to spread and increase the culture of peace, international solidarity, respect for the environment and natural resources.
7. Promote training and job placement in Italy and abroad for young people from developing countries of the world where the association has operations.
8. Promote events and fundraising activities, both nationally and internationally, which go towards the realization of the association’s goals.
9. Collaborate with schools and universities, as well as associations, public and private organizations, community and voluntary groups in order to identify a satisfactory response to the needs of children and young people in a changing society, and to define highly innovative ways that can contend with low social accomplishments.

The association is based in Milano:
Via Val Cismon nº 9,
20162 Milano, Italia
VAT#: 97501690156 (Italian)

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