The orphanage and The Learning Hub: support for the orphaned children of the Imani Children’s Home, where children without families, victims of the tragedy of abandonment, are looked after and given a pre-school and primary education in English from qualified teachers.

Sponsored education: the generosity of so many Italian families and/ or companies has, for over ten years, allowed children and teenagers to attend private schools in Kenya, ensuring them the possibility to make an important change in their own future.

Volunteer programs: we create opportunities for young people who wish to do voluntary work at our centers in Kenya so as to better understand the importance of giving and to participate in an unforgettable educational experience.

Projects abroad: In 2009, we promoted a 10-day Italian tour of the St. Francis Choir. MaD’s project enabled 22 Kenyan students to perform in numerous schools in Milano and the Trentino areas, enabling them to learn the importance of opening up to the world.

Results obtained to date:
– Sustained the study cycle of more than 500 children. Today, 80 children are attending elementary, 16 students are in high school and 2 students have just finished university.
– Purchased and fenced 2.5 acres of land and planted 200 native trees.
– Constructed two auger wells for the supply of fresh water.
– Constructed “The Learning Hub” for pre-school and primary students.

Targets for the year 2016:
Raise the necessary funds to sustain the Learning Hub program:
– Finalize the start-up stage and management of the school
– Equip and furnish the school’s kitchen,
– Buy teaching materials,
– Recruit qualified staff and pay salaries that can guarantee excellent standards of education.

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