Mad’s commitment
The collaboration between Make a Difference and the St. Dominic, Kenya, stemmed from the common vision of two organizations: to ensure universal primary education for all children. According to UNICEF estimates, in sub-Sahara African countries, about 45 million children do not attend school, that is the equivalent of 1 in 2 children. In rural areas, for those who do have access to education, the school is still not able to provide an educational experience that can substantially improve the quality of their lives. This is due to low quality of teaching offered, the precarious conditions of the school structures – lack of adequate space, dilapidated structures and poor informative and educational materials.

The Kenya project
Since 2003, Make a Difference, firstly with the St. Francis Xavier Academy and then with St. Dominics have joined forces for an educational project. At present, a group of families in Italy are supporting 85 children in primary school and 16 students in high school are supporting by donating 300 euros each scholastic year.

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