The project: A Dream Come True – May 2009

The association Make a Difference (MaD), together with the Saint Vigilius Foundation of Ossana, Trento and the Bilingual European School (BES), had the idea to invite 22 children from the St. Francis choir to Milano which then turned into an officially sponsored project, presented to the Italian Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Roma (EAS project info). Following approval, the association received funding of 50% of the budgeted program expenses from the government.

This project focused mainly on a cultural exchange between the St. Francis school and the Bilingual European school as well as other international schools in Milan, on the creation of brochures for the dissemination of information regarding the activities of our Association, and on the creation of an official BES / St. Francis website.

As part of this cultural exchange, twenty-two singers (aged 8 to 13 years) from the St. Francis school were hosted in Milan for 10 days starting from the 10th of May, 2009. Watch the video The St.Francis Choir

The singers were selected from the 40 children who attended the lessons of their maestro regularly and with great commitment having taken part in the National Children’s Choir Festival, in June 2008. During the first stage of competition selection at the district level, our young singers managed to total the highest score among all of the elementary schools in the Malindi area and were therefore won the first place prize.

During their stay in Milan, the children visited many schools, first and foremost those which have so generously supported us in the past, helping us to enforce the bond between the young Italians and Kenyans. The choir performed traditional African songs and dances at these schools. Of course the appointment calendar was pretty full of various other prestigious occasions for them as well.

The St. Francis Choir performed in the following events:

a concert at Milano’s Manzoni Theater as guests of the Crescerecantando (AdvancementThroughSinging) Choir, with television coverage from channel Seven.
a concert in Milano’s Saint Marco Church, along with the Ensemble Ambrosiano gospel choir.
a concert in collaboration with the ‘New Music” event sponsored by the City of Cassano d’Adda.
a concert in Ossana (in the Valley of the Sun, in the Trentino region)

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