The tax deductions for donations to non-profit organizations for residents in Italy are as follows:

  • Legal person

Each individual can claim a tax benefit of 19 % of his or her donation up to a maximum

of Euro 2.065,83 regardless of the donor’s income (Art. 15,c.1 letter 1-bis Decree



They may deduct their donation as an amount equal to 10% of the total taxable

income (maximum Euro 70.000,00 (Art. 14 Decree 35, 14/03/05).

  • Companies

Deductions from business income are allowed up to Euro 2,065.00 regardless of

the taxable income


Deductions from business income may be made equal to 2% of the taxable

income (Art. 100, c.2 letter H Decree 917/86)


Deductions from corporate income equal to 10% of taxable income may be

made, to a maximum deductible amount of Euro 70.000,00 (Art. 14 Decree 35,


It is not necessary to attach any documentation to your tax statement.

In the case of a request by tax officials, it is sufficient to send a photocopy of the

your bank statement.

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